डीडीए आवास योजना 2017 – मूल्य सूची और पूर्ण फ्लैट विवरण

DDA Aawasiya Yojana 2017

डीडीए हाउसिंग स्कीम 2017 मूल्य सूची– लंबे समय से देरी के बाद, अंत में डीडीए ने 30 जून 2017 को अपनी डीडीए हाउसिंग स्कीम 2017 के शुभारंभ के लिए सभी तैयारियां पूरी कर ली हैं। आवेदन फॉर्म जमा करने की अंतिम तिथि 11 अगस्त 2017 है। अंतिम तिथि के आवेदकों की प्रतिक्रिया के अनुसार अंतिम तिथि को बढ़ाया जा सकता है।

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Check List of Tied-UP Banks for Apply DDA New Housing Scheme 2017

DDA Housing Scheme 2017, The most awaited Housing Scheme of this year and past year has finally started the process. Eight banks have been selected by  Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for its new housing scheme. DDA has tied up with these eight banks. And about the launch of the scheme, a senior official said that is expected to be launched after the municipal elections are over in Delhi. Note that Municipal elections are going to held in Delhi. Once Delhi people will be free from elections than DDA will launch its new housing scheme for affordable housing units.

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मार्च में लांच होगी डीडीए की आवासीय योजना शुरू हुई तैयारी


डीडीए आवासीय योजना 2017 को मार्च के दूसरे सप्ताह में लांच करने की तैयारियां डीडीए ने शुरू कर दी हैं। मार्च के पहले वीक में फार्म व ब्रॉशर की छपाई आरंभ होने की संभावना है इस स्कीम में हालांकि योजना में इस बार सभी 13000 फ्लैट पुरानी स्कीम में बिकने से शेष रहे फ्लैट होंगे, लेकिन डीडीए को इस योजना के सफल होने की अभी से उम्मीद लगने लगी है। » Read more

DDA 16,000 Flats Scheme 2017 to be Launch Soon on 26th Jan 2017

In 2014, about 1000 1BHK DDA residential flats were either rejected or surrendered by the winners due to their size. Now these rejected flats will be included in the 13,000 houses in DDA’s much-awaited 2017 housing scheme being launched around January 26.  Also, because of restrictions on the execution of conveyance deed, which introduced a five-year lock-in period during which the flat could not be sold by the allottee. Some of the flats were also returned. It has now been removed.

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DDA Housing Scheme 2016 List of Major Details to Notice

Here is a complete list of all the Major Details of DDA Housing Scheme 2016 that is about to launch in October 2016:

  •  Application Fees for Housing Scheme 2016 starts from 1.5 lakh for LIG flats & 5 lakh for MIG, HIG Flats.

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DDA is going to resell 13,000 flats returned from 2014 scheme

Remember year 2014 scheme of DDA when a total of 13,000 people returned their flats. Well  DDA is set to float a new housing scheme to re-sell  those 13,000. In year 2014  a unit of 25,000 flat were on sale. but 13,000 flats  were returned by the allot-tees.  All this process will go through  a new housing scheme that will be launched by DDA in future . But this time,  the land-owning agency are planning to increase the earnest money to Rs 5 lakh for MIG flats, which an allot-tee would forfeit if s/he returns a flat. The idea is to attract only serious buyers that are really looking for flats. » Read more

Registration fee to go up for DDA housing scheme 2016

Registration Fee for Dda housing scheme 2016 -:
This time, the DDA flats will  not disturb the budget of applicants too much as from 2014. As from source –  For this scheme, the applicants will have to pay the registration amount of Rs. 3 lakh for LIG houses and Rs. 5 lakh for MIG houses. While, in the last scheme of DDA in 2014, applicant paid Rs. 1 lakh as a security deposit for registration. » Read more