DDA Housing Scheme 2016 List of Major Details to Notice

Here is a complete list of all the Major Details of DDA Housing Scheme 2016 that is about to launch in October 2016:

  •  Application Fees for Housing Scheme 2016 starts from 1.5 lakh for LIG flats & 5 lakh for MIG, HIG Flats.

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DDA is going to resell 13,000 flats returned from 2014 scheme

Remember year 2014 scheme of DDA when a total of 13,000 people returned their flats. Well  DDA is set to float a new housing scheme to re-sell  those 13,000. In year 2014  a unit of 25,000 flat were on sale. but 13,000 flats  were returned by the allot-tees.  All this process will go through  a new housing scheme that will be launched by DDA in future . But this time,  the land-owning agency are planning to increase the earnest money to Rs 5 lakh for MIG flats, which an allot-tee would forfeit if s/he returns a flat. The idea is to attract only serious buyers that are really looking for flats. » Read more

Udai Pratap is new DDA Vice-Chairman

DDA has just gone through a new reshuffle, 13 officers of additional secretary level have been shifted to different departments according to needs . The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved the appointment of Udai Pratap Singh, a 1984-batch IAS officer of Jharkhand cadre, as Vice-Chairman of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) as DDA New vice chairman.

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DDA Housing scheme application form will launch on 30 October

Latest News  – Delhi Development Authority has finally announced  scheme launch date after completing almost all tasks to launch its ambitious DDA new housing scheme 2016. According to the information received from the DDA senior official, the registrations and applications for DDA new flat scheme for the year 2016 will be rolled out on the eve of Diwali that means on Sunday  Dtae – 30 .

Number of Flats available under DDA 2016:
The scheme will be started in the first week of October with around 12,000 flats of 1BHK and 2BHK type. A majority of flats in the upcoming scheme of DDA is one-bedroom and remaining units will be of two-bedroom type. Sources said around 10,000 flats that will be put up on offer this year were surrendered by allottees of the 2014 scheme. The rest of the flats had not been previously allotted for different reasons or cancelled.

Total no of flats available –  12,000

Type of flats – 1BHK  / 2BHK


Also, the land development agency found that around 10,000 flats from last year’s scheme have not been occupied while another 2,000 flats were lying vacant from year 2014. so these will also be included in 2016 flat scheme.

Category of flats available in 2016:
The majority of flats under the next scheme of DDA for this year are for lower income group. And 2BHK flats will be available for middle income group. According to the source, 90% of flats are for LIG category while the rest of flats would be for middle income group. And there is no flat in the category higher income group.


Majority of flats available – For lower Income Group (LIG)

2BHK flats – For Middle income Group (MIG)

No flats available – for Higher Income Group (HIG)

Location of Flats available in 2016 dda scheme:

Almost all lower income group flats would be located in Rohini, Dwarka, Narela, Vasant Kunj and Jasola and almost all of them are old construction.

New flats location :  will be in above 5 place .

Final Launch Date :
According to DDA senior official, DDA will hold a meeting on September 23 in which senior officials of the department will be present. The final decision on the scheme will be taken then.

But : From the sources it will likely to be launched around Diwali

Application Process to be Online in 2016:

The applications process for the registration of flats in 2016 housing scheme of DDA is likely to be online.

Why : This step would make the whole process of DDA application more transparent. However, the final decision for the same will be taken in the next meeting of DDA official to be held in the last week of September on 23. This time, the brochure of DDA housing scheme 2016 can also be downloaded online from DDA official website.

DDA Official website : dda.org.in

Registration Fee will be same as 2014 :

DDA flats will disturb the budget of applicants and no increase in registration fee . For this scheme, the applicants will have to pay the registration amount of Rs. 3 lakh for LIG houses and Rs. 5 lakh for MIG houses. While, in the last scheme of DDA in 2014, applicant paid Rs. 1 lakh as a security deposit for registration.

dda 2016 hosuing scheme prices

dda 2016 hosuing scheme prices

Highlights DDA Housing Scheme 2016: at one glance:

  • Number of Flats: Around 12,000, 1BHK and 2BHK
  • Locations: Rohini, Dwarka, Narela, Vasant Kunj and Jasola
  • Registration to Start: In the first week of October
  • Process of Booking: Online through net banking, debit card, credit card etc on DDA’s website
  • Registration Amount: Rs 3 lakh for LIG flats and Rs 5 lakh for MIG flats
  • Cost of Flat: LIG flats were priced between Rs 18-20 lakh last year and MIG flats were priced between Rs 60 and 70 lakh. The prices are likely to be slightly higher this time.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com

Rohini 1981 DDA scheme Registrants on protest today

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) headquarters in south Delhi willbe witnessing a massive protest by registrants of its 1981 Rohini residential plot scheme on Thursday.

In 1981 scheme the DDA had allotted several residential plots in 1981 but has been unable to provide plots to a large number of the registrants citing paucity of land.

Registrants said – “We want to meet the DDA vice-chairman and show him all the documents we have to prove that we have been living in these areas for the last 30 years and have carried out construction as per law,claimed a resident.

Lokking this –  Police deployment has been increased increased outside the DDA office even as the protesters sat on dharna near Dilli Haat.
Vikas Sadan said – “The registrants are now planning a massive protest outside the authority’s headquarters”

“Deadline of July 31, 2016, given by the Supreme Court to allot and handover fully developed plots to remaining scheme registrants is over. Now the DDA has submitted an affidavit, dated July 19, 2016, that it has failed to do any development of about 14,000 plots, which were supposed to be handed over to remaining scheme registrants by July 31, 2016, definitely,” said Rahul Gupta, who has been spearheading the protests against the DDA.

He also said that the DDA has submitted in the court that due to land dispute with land owners of Barwala villager, plots to all remaining scheme registrants are not possible in the next five to six years.

“The Rohini registrants have been cheated by the DDA for the last 35 years,” Mr. Gupta said.

Mr. Gupta added that while the DDA has claimed that development of about 11,000 plots has been completed and handed over to allottees, the allottees have now been issued show-cause notices, demanding already submitted papers again.

Good News- No Increase in DDA Flats prices this year

Here comes  – Good news for  those people wishing to buy Delhi Development Authority (DDA) flats .

The prices of around 13,000 homes to be sold in the 2016 scheme will be same as the last housing scheme. Means no Increased Prices.

As from 2014 Records ,

  • DDA’s one-room Lower Income Group (LIG) flats were priced around `18 to `20 lakh.
  • Two-bedroom MIG flats were priced between `60 and `70 lakh .
  • Janta flats – one room tenement with a kitchen – cost a little over `10 lakh.

The rates slightly varied depending on the location and the size of the flat.

 And In 2016 (DDA Flats) – 

This year, DDA is offering around 13,000 flats out of which

  •  350 are two-room Middle Income Group (MIG) flats
  • while the rest are either Lower Income Group Flats (LIG) flats or Janta flats.

Note –  a total of 10,500 flats are those that were surrendered in previous housing scheme while the remaining are those that were previously not allotted for different reasons or cancelled.

 DDA Officers Speak out on 2016 DDA Scheme – According to a senior DDA Officer –   “Even as the flats get older, the land value increases. Secondly, there has been a slump in the real estate market. Therefore, we decided to go with old rates.”

Note  –   Sources said Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is asking for 600 flats. A final decision on it is pending.

DDA Scheme will go Online This  Year – 

Officer said –  Though it was expected that the this year’s scheme will be completely online but the agency might take the decision to keep the scheme open for online users as well as people wanting to register manually through banks.

Finalization of Deal is still Pending – 

The agency is presently busy finalising a deal with the banks that would partner with DDA in the scheme. It is expected that the scheme will be announced around Diwali but now it would be rolled out in the middle or last week of November, Senior DDA Officer  said.

Location of  DDA 2016 Flats Relieved – 

-DDA flats that will be distributed in 2016  are located mostly in

  • Rohini
  • Dwarka
  • Narela
  • Vasant Kunj
  • Jasola

Registration fee for DDA Flats Increased this year –


  • People those who wants to apply will have to pay more for registration this time. Unlike last housing scheme when people paid `1 lakh as security deposit for registration
  • In 2016  year they will have to pay `3 lakh for LIG houses and `5 lakh for MIG houses.

DDA New Housing Scheme 2016 Launched Around Diwali

The DDA Housing Scheme 2016, with 12,000 flats on offer, is likely to be launched around Diwali, in what could be a festive bonanza for home buyers. Out of the total number of flats, most of them in Narela, Rohini, Vasant Kunj, Dwarka and Jasola, 10,000 unoccupied flats are from the 2014 scheme, while 2,000 are other flats which have been lying vacant. “From the housing division side, we have finalized the launch around Diwali time (October end). The decision now awaits nod from the authority, which will meet next month,” a senior Delhi Development Authority official said.

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